Love and do what you will.

International Hybristophilia Pride Flag designed by Victorien Biet.

The International Hybristophilia Pride is a non-profit organisation dedicated to represent people who are attracted to real or fictional criminals and gangsters all over the world. This organisation is meant to help hybristophiles to meet each other and to live their hybristophilia without shame. The point is to set up a philosophical manifest based on the sacred ideas of freedom and liberty as interpreted by Anglo-Saxon ideologists in order to make people understand our feelings. Some of our arguments might be perceived as callous and cold but we want to be as rational and unemotional as possible as we notice that today's societal debates are governed by emotionalism and brainless moralism without any consideration for indivudalities, differences and diversity. While conformist morality expect us to deny our dreams, feelings and fantasies, we will work to explain who we are and to wash away this stereotype of the histerical scatterbrained serial killers fan-girl who is only attracted to easy fame and who is dismantling the real meaning of hybristophilia which may have different significances depending on the individual, whether sentimentally, artistically or intellectually speaking.