About us.

What is hybristophilia ?

Where are we from ?

The International Hybristophilia Pride, as indicated by its name, is not a national association. However, we have members and sympathizers all over the world including the United-States, France, Canada, Scandinavian Countries and the UK. We encourage our members to take initiatives to make the Hybristophilia Pride something more important and powerful.

Do we have any link with the LGBTQ+ community ?

We do not have any official connection with the LGBTQ+ community for our attraction is something completely different. In addition, we are aware of the immoral aspect of our approach and we don't want to parasitize the LGBTQ+ community with our moral problematics and we think that we are condamned to stay outside of the "intersectionnal" schema. It's better this way. However, we are sympathizers of the LGBTQ+ community and, obviously, lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer people and everyone may join the International Hybristophilia Pride. We trust in legal equality and we want to support the LGBTQ+ community as much as possible, as long as our association doesn't have to build an agressive political structure.

Which kind of criminals and gangsters are concerned by our definition of hybristophilia ?

Any kind. In fact, hybristophilia may be as well an attraction toward real or fictional criminals and gangsters. Actually, there is no distinction between each category and it depends on the individual's feelings. There are no real limits or taboo in our definition of hybristophilia. However, as far as we are concerned, we do not accept to include criminals condamned for systematic crimes against minors in this definition. People who are attracted to this kind of criminals can live their feelings far from us for we will never want to represent them.

Do we have any revendication ?

No. We just want to live, love, dream and create without being judged and undergo contempt and reprimands. We don't want people to accept us and we don't expect them to understand our feelings. But we think that we have the right to say who we are and to not let unconcerned people, tv-shows and youtubers talk about us and try to define us.

Are we afraid of driving people into criminality by normalizing hybristophilian attraction ?

We think that this is not what this kind of associations is about. You could ask the same question to every civil rights organisation which is fighting for inmates life quality improvement. But, honnestly, this is not about "being afraid" or not. We consider that criminality is a choice of life when it's not due to a mental illness and we think that everyone should be free to make their own choices and to choose to assume the consequences for their actions. We are not responsible for the State inability to prevent criminiality and to look after sick and desperate people. 

Are we afraid of being victims of criminals and gangsters we love or appreciate ?

Same answer. Everyone is free to manage their life the way they want. If we have to assume consequences for our attraction toward them, we will. 

Do we feel any culpability toward the potential victims of criminals and gangsters we love or appreciate ?

Every members of the International Hybristophilia Pride are free to do or think whatever they want. We understand the moral dyllema of our situation. And we understand that some of us could feel the necessity of whipping themselves for being who they are and for loving who they want to love. That's up to them and every individual situation is different. Our vision is that we are not responsible for the actions of another individual. We are thinking that loving, having a friendly relationship or even defending someone who had made terrible things in its life is our right. We think that everyone should be free to love and being loved, no matter what they did in the past. We also think that criminals and gangsters who are suffering from mental illness always need someone to guide them in their life. We are not doctors or psychiatrists but we believe in the universal right to friendship and social interractions. We think that we don't have to apologize to anyone for giving love and interest to someone. The criminal past of an individual and its life conditions are unconnected. The first one shouldn't influence the second as we believe in democracy and civil rights.